Continuent is a leading provider of database clustering and replication, enabling enterprises to run business-critical applications on cost-effective open source software. Continuent Tungsten provides enterprise-class high availability, globally redundant data distribution and real-time heterogeneous data integration in cloud and on-premises environments.

Tungsten Replicator, released under a GPL V2 license, is a high performance, open source, data replication engine for MySQL and Oracle. Tungsten Replicator has all the features you expect from enterprise-class data replication products but with the flexibility of open source. Tungsten Replicator is also one of the core components of Continuent's database-as-a-service solution, Continuent Tungsten. The clustering by Continuent Tungsten provides high availability and disaster recovery, whereas Tungsten Replicator transfers events from one server to another. For full comparison, see Feature Matrix.

The key benefits offered by Continuent Tungsten include:

  • Database-as-a-Service – Continuent Tungsten provides data services (database clusters, or cluster of database clusters) equally well in any bare-metal, private cloud (VMware, Open Stack) and public cloud (Amazon AWS, Red Hat OpenShift) environments
  • Zero-Downtime – Perform database maintenance, such as schema changes, upgrades to a new version of MySQL or adding new hardware, without application or service interruptions
  • Automatic Failover – Continuent Tungsten can replace a failed master DBMS server within seconds while maintaining continuous availability and without losing any transactions
  • Multi-Master, Multi-Site – Manage databases across different physical locations, both on-premises and in the cloud. Continuent Tungsten maintains real-time updates and failure handling for distributed operations
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) – Switch to a hot-standby disaster recovery site running a Continuent Tungsten cluster with a single command without losing application connectivity
  • Oracle Replication – Replicate data from Oracle to MySQL, from MySQL to Oracle, and from Oracle to Oracle. Think "Oracle GoldenGate without the price tag!”
  • Replication to Real-time Analytics and Big Data - Continuent Tungsten enables replication quickly and efficiently to high-performance NoSQL and data analytics engines. Continuent Tungsten and Tungsten Replicator can publish data in real-time from RDBMS to MongoDB, Hadoop, and Vertica
  • Load Balancing – Continuent Tungsten increases throughput by automatically and transparently load balancing read operations across multiple slaves
  • Improved Performance – Continuent Tungsten improves database performance by transparently splitting reads to the slaves and writes to the master, thus reducing the master load. 
  • Supports MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server – Continuent Tungsten supports MySQL, MySQL Community and Enterprise versions (5.0 to 5.7), MariaDB (5.5 and 10.0) and Percona Server (5.5 to 5.7) without changes. No software upgrade or data migration is necessary for a Continuent Tungsten implementation in an existing production environment. In addition, no application or DDL changes are required to support live heterogeneous replication

Every day our customers rely on Continuent Tungsten database clustering, data replication and distributed data management to run business-critical applications on open source databases and make their businesses and organizations thrive and grow. These case studies provide real-world examples of how our customers successfully use Continuent Tungsten, and are a demonstration of the success of our customers from a variety of industries worldwide.