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Tungsten Use Case: How Gittigidiyor (a subsidiary of eBay) Replicates Data In Real Time From MySQL To Oracle

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Learn how Gittigidiyor (a subsidiary of eBay) replicates data in real time from MySQL to Oracle with Continuent Tungsten. Gittigidiyor consolidates reporting data in a single MySQL server. Transactions arriving on this server must be replicated in real time to an Oracle instance.

Levent Kurt, Site Operations Manager at Gittigidiyor, describes how Gittigidiyor solved their problems of handling large tables in MySQL by replicating 20 GB of binlog data/day from MySQL 5.5 Community Edition to Oracle Enterprise Edition 11G with Continuent Tungsten, in a hosted VMware ESX environment.

Marketing Automation at Scale: How Marketo Solved Key Data Management Challenges with Continuent Tungsten

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Marketo provides the leading cloud-based marketing software platform for companies of all sizes to build and sustain engaging customer relationships. Marketo's SaaS platform runs on MySQL and has faced data management challenges common to all 24x7 SaaS businesses:

  • Keeping data available regardless of DBMS failures or planned maintenance
  • Utilizing hardware optimized for multi-terabyte MySQL servers
  • Keeping replicas caught up and ready for instant failover despite high transaction loads

In this webinar, Nick Bonfiglio, VP of Operations at Marketo, describes how Marketo manages thousands of customers and processes a billion marketing analytics transactions a day using Continuent Tungsten and MySQL atop an innovative hardware architecture. He explains how Tungsten parallel replication paved the way to rapid growth by solving Marketo's biggest MySQL challenge: keeping DBMS replicas up to date despite massive transaction loads.

Tungsten Use Case: Modernizing Medicine, a SaaS solution running on Amazon AWS

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Learn how Modernizing Medicine, an electronic medical records company, serves thousands of customers and leverages Continuent Tungsten to manage databases on Amazon AWS. Modernizing Medicine is a fast-growing SaaS company, offering electronic medical records management solution for thousands of small and medium-sizes dermatology, ophthalmology, optometry, plastic surgery, cosmetic and orthopedics practices.