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Mark Callaghan (Facebook) on Continuent at his keynote at MySQL Conference & Expo

Over the past decade MySQL has made huge improvements in performance and is starting to get a lot better in manageability. But there are some problems that have yet to be addressed. This talk describes features we hope to see in future releases of MySQL. Presented by Mark Callaghan (Software Engineer, Database Infrastructure, Facebook) at Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo 2012. Mark talks about Continuent at 4:56 mark of this video.

Percona.TV MySQL Videos [4/12/12]

Continuent Announces Tungsten 1.5

Continuent, Inc., a provider of replication and clustering solutions for MySQL and Oracle, has introduced Continuent Tungsten 1.5 to help manage increasing data volume, complexity, speed, and concurrency in the cloud or on-premise. "Continuent Tungsten consolidates geo-clustering, archive, backup and disaster recovery through seamless integration with the cloud," says Robert Hodges, CEO at Continuent. "By combining multi-master, multi-site clustering with Amazon EC2, Tungsten enables new levels of speed, simplicity and reliability for database clustering, backup and recovery while reducing costs."

Database Trends and Applications [4/12/12]