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Continuent Manages Cross-Database, High-Speed Replication

The need for database replication in multiple environments–including Hadoop–is ultra-important to data extraction and analytics in the Big Data world. Continuent's seamless replication on open source software allows organizations to work with zero down-time, utilize automatic failover, and have a disaster recovery system in place. William Wallace from insideBIGDATA caught up with Robert Hodges, CEO of Continuent, to learn more.

insideBIGDATA [April 14, 2014]

Continuent Unveils a New Version of Tungsten Replicator

Recognizing that fast decision-making depends on real-time data movement, Continuent, a provider of open source database clustering and replication solutions, announced the availability of version 3.0 of its Tungsten Replicator.

Hadoop is changing the landscape of data management by providing a central data hub that receives data from across the business. Tungsten Replicator is a progressive, open-source replication solution for Hadoop, as well as a high performance, open source, data replication engine for MySQL and Oracle, and a key part of Continuent Tungsten. With Tungsten Replicator, data can be quickly and flexibly moved out of operational databases into Hadoop.

TMCnet [April 7, 2014]

MySQL is “still in the running, and very vibrant”

At last week's PerconaLive event, SiliconANGLE's theCUBE welcomed Robert Hodges for his first appearance to discuss how the company he helms as CEO, Continuent, has been working with the MySQL community to affect better and more effective clustering and replication solutions for larger companies that employ the open source database.

Principal research coordinator at Wikibon, Jeff Kelly asked Hodges to give his thoughts on just where MySQL fits into the current database paradigm. "It is the premier online transaction processing platform," Hodges replied. "We are looking at emergent databases like Mongo and Cassandra. But MySQL is still in the running and very vibrant."

Jeff Frick, General Manager of SiliconANGLE's theCUBE turned the conversation toward Hadoop, noting an increase in coverage for the analytics platform recently. "Tell us about the Hadoop buzz and where MySQL fits in."

Watch the entire interview here.

SiliconANGLE theCUBE [April 3, 2014]

Cloudera Certifies Continuent Tungsten on Cloudera Enterprise 5

Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop™, today announced that through the Cloudera Connect program, more than 100 partner products have certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5, the company's next generation Hadoop powered platform that serves as an integral component of enterprise data hubs globally. Cloudera partners showed true commitment to the company's technology innovation by certifying on Cloudera Enterprise 5 before it was GA. Now at the center of the most comprehensive partner ecosystem of applications, tools, frameworks and platforms, Cloudera Enterprise 5 is maximizing the opportunity for companies to gain value from all their data without limits, while working alongside existing technology and business investments.

Cloudera Press Release [April 2, 2014]

Continuent Releases Tungsten Replicator 3.0

According to a new article out of the company, "Continuent, Inc., a leading provider of open source database clustering and replication solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Continuent Tungsten Replicator 3.0, a progressive, open source replication solution for Hadoop. Recognizing that fast decision-making depends on real-time data movement, Tungsten Replicator 3.0 replicates transactions from operational database systems such as MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle to Hadoop in real-time. This produces carbon-copy tables and enables the execution of analytic views in Hadoop within multiple environments including Hive."

The article continues, "By automatically reading the DBMS and forwarding transactions as soon as they commit, Tungsten Replicator reduces the load on operational systems, minimizes the amount of data that needs to move between locations, and allows transactions to quickly enter the data warehouse. When used together with Apache Sqoop, businesses can provision information and then leverage Tungsten Replicator to replicate transactions incrementally in real-time. This provides continuous data loading so existing data and changes can easily be applied into Hadoop.

Dataversity [April 2, 2014]