White Papers

Continuent Tungsten White Papers

Continuent Tungsten Datasheet
Solutions overview, and main features and benefits.

Continuent Tungsten Real-Time Data Loading into Hadoop
There are a number of different existing technologies that enable the dumping and loading of information between MySQL and Hadoop. Learn about these technologies, the pros and cons, and how to set up replication between MySQL and Hadoop using Continuent Tungsten.

Continuent Tungsten Offerings
Solutions overview and configuration examples.

Continuent Tungsten Customer Testimonials
Continuent Tungsten customer testimonials are a demonstration of the success of our customers from a variety of industries worldwide. These case studies provide real-world examples of how our customers successfully use Continuent Tungsten.

Continuent Terms and Conditions - Perpetual

Exhibit A: Continuent License Agreement Terms and Conditions
Exhibit B: Continuent Support Terms and Conditions

Continuent Terms and Conditions - Subscription

Exhibit A: Continuent Tungsten Standard Terms and Conditions
Exhibit B: Continuent Tungsten License
Exhibit C: Continuent Support Terms and Conditions